Rules and Procedures

At Elevate Dance Co. Our mission is to REACH YOUR PEAK through integrity, respect, strength and excellence. We are a family-friendly studio that instills strong technique, developmentally appropriate movement, and creates well-rounded dancers. We are committed to spreading the love of dance.

General Information:

Please be sure to read Elevate emails, return forms as requested, and refer to the website/parent portal for additional information. Instructors will publish and distribute information as it becomes available and will give notice in advance to keep all parents well-informed. In order to ensure all parents/guardians receive information in a timely manner, it is the parents’ responsibility to keep mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers up-to-date with Elevate.


Placement in classes is based on the following criteria: age, technique, potential, commitment level, enthusiasm, attitude and behavior in class, attendance and stage presence.

Your dancer(s) will receive student evaluations to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Placement for the following year will be based on the criteria listed above.

Attendance & Time Commitment:

Just as sports teams require all players to attend practices, dance studios require their dancers to attend all classes and rehearsals. Absences will not only affect the individual dancer, but the class as a whole. Punctuality is just as important as attendance, please be on time and prepared for class. Parents/guardians should be prompt at drop-off and pick-up.

Dance requires consistent ongoing training, and dancers who excessively miss classes will not be able to perform at the same level as those who have attended all classes regularly. If absences are becoming an issue, it is the teachers right to remove a dancer from any piece for recital or performances.


Tuition is due on the 1st of every month, payments received after the 3rd of each month will be charged a 15% late fee. Your child will remain enrolled until written notice is given. Written notice must be given by the 25th of the month, or you will be responsible for the following months tuition.

If a class is missed, making up a class at the same class level, or a level below is strongly encouraged. Make-up classes must be taken within the current recital session.

Classes begin on August 26th and continue through May 31st. There is no extra charge for 5 week months and no refunds for scheduled holiday breaks. Tuition is calculated on a full season of classes from August 26th  2019 to May 31st 2020.

Tuition payments are made in equal monthly installments and are non-refundable.

Other Fees:

Annual Registration Fee – $45/student – annual payment due in August or at time of registration. The registration fee covers the cost of administrative hours setting up students in the attendance and billing system. It also covers your dancer’s insurance, music license fees, and studio communication costs, all separate expenses from class tuition.

Costume Fee – is dependent on number of dances, per dancer. This fee will be due after the 1st of the year and is TBD, dependent on costumes selected for class.  Most costumes run around $60- $75.

Snow Policy :

Elevate Dance Co. will follow Benton County weather school closures. If the district cancels school for the day or has early dismissal due to the weather, Elevate will also cancel classes for that afternoon and evening.

For all other non-school days and Saturdays, we will follow weather reports and updates. We will notify you if classes are cancelled via website, Facebook, email, and/or the studio voicemail, no later than 2 hours prior to the start of classes. As always, you can use your best judgment for your own personal comfort and the safety of the students. Makeup classes are always available for missed classes due to weather.

Courtesy & Respect:

At Elevate Dance Co. our mission is to create beautiful dancers and inspirational individuals.  We strive to instill Respect, Integrity, Strength and Excellence into each of our dancers while inspiring passion and commitment to the art of dance.

Our dancers will be held to the highest standards of conduct. Communicating negatively about anyone in or outside our studio will not be tolerated. Our dancers are expected to show courtesy and respect to all instructors and other students. Elevate dancers are always respectful, supportive, encouraging and are positive in spirit, attitude and behavior.

​The Elevate Discipline Policy provides a consistent and predictable way for teachers to manage the behavior of dancers who do not follow Classroom Rules.


Listen and follow directions the first time          

Always do my best

Be on time and prepared

Respect, respect, respect! Myself, my teacher, my class, and my studio

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.


Strike One: Dancers who do not adhere to the classroom rules will receive ONE VERBAL WARNING to correct their behavior

Strike Two: After the verbal warning, if the dancer continues to not adhere to the classroom rule, they will be ASKED TO SIT DOWN AND THINK ABOUT THEIR BEHAVIOR. If the dancer sits quietly and thoughtfully in their “thinking” spot, the teacher will invite them to join the class, as long as they follow the classroom rules.

Strike Three: If the child does not quietly remain in their “thinking” spot or they continue to not follow the classroom rules after reuniting with the class; they will be ASKED TO LEAVE THE CLASSROOM and escorted out to their parent/guardian.

Further Guidelines:

Once a dancer is sent out of the classroom, they are not allowed to come back in and participate that day for the rest of class.

If a dancer is asked to leave the classroom three times, they will be withdrawn from the class.

This policy insures that Elevate will provide an environment that is conducive to learning. We hire teachers to teach dance; not to babysit dancers who cannot manage their own behavior

Elevate Dress Code:

It is important that our instructors can see body placement of our dancers in the classroom setting. All dancers must wear appropriate dance wear to every class. Forgetting dance wear, shoes, proper hair and/or wearing inappropriate clothing is not acceptable.

Ballet Class: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (not satin slippers) *required for recital, hair out of face in a bun. A short dance skirt is optional.

Jazz: Form fitting top, shorts/jazz pants/leggings, tan jazz shoes *required for recital.

Tap: Form fitting top and shorts/jazz pants/leggings, black tap shoes *required for recital.

Contemporary: Form Fitting Top, Shorts (showing the knee)/Jazz Pants/Leggings, tan jazz shoes *required for recital

Hip Hop Class: Comfortable dance clothes, hair securely pulled up, tennis shoes or jazz are required.

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