At Elevate Dance Co. we offer classes in a wide variety of styles and levels. Whether you’re brand new to dance or any experienced adult, we’ve got something for everyone! Below you will see the classes we offer and a brief description of what that class entails…


Ballet is the basis for dance and grace when it comes to technique. Ballet introduces basic movements and terminology. Each class incorporates a warm-up, learning proper ballet technique and combinations using ballet movement. This is a more structured class that stresses the importance of discipline and etiquette.​


This class introduces basic tap terminology and tap dance style. Dancers will learn introductory tap movements and rhythms, while learning proper technique as well as performance quality. 


This class is designed for students who are interested in hip hop. This class introduces basic hip hop technique, movements and terminology. Done to high energy music is an age appropriate atmosphere.


In this class students will learn the basic technique and terminology that will include warming up, combinations and the learning of a high energy dance. An energetic class with pop music and some funky moves!


In this class students will learn the basic technique and terminology that will include a warm up, combinations across the floor and learning a dance.  Contemporary combines Ballet technique and modern movement. The dancers will be taught the importance of telling a story through movement.

Adult Dance Fitness

Offered in Beginning and Advanced Levels, this class combines proper Ballet and Jazz technique with the style of hip hop. Whether you have danced for years or never a day in your life, this class will get you moving! Everyone is welcome!

Couples Ballroom

This class caters to beginning dancers who just want to try something new and have a fun night out as a couple. No Experience necessary! We will explore styles such as Cha-Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Jive, Rumba and more!


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